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Introduction » Middle Ages » Boleslaus I Denarius Bohemia 935-972 fine silver replica coin


Boleslaus I Denarius Bohemia 935-972 fine silver replica coin

fine silver | 20 mm | 1.5 g


Product no.: M9
Material: fine silver
Size: 20 mm
Weight: 1.5 g
15.00 EUR (16.61 USD)

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Full description

fine silver | 20 mm | 1.5 g

OBV: Blessing hand in field + BOLEZLAV DVX around.
R: Chapel roof facing PRAGA CIV around.

The beginnings of Czech minting date back to the reign of duke Boleslaus I. However it is not entirely clear whether the first Boleslaus' coins were minted already in the 950s or at the end of his reign. According to the most recent opinions the minting commenced around the early 960s.The position of the Premyslids in central Bohemia consolidated to such an extent during the more than thirty years of Boleslau´s reign that the latter could afford to collect regular taxes from the local population. The duke established and maintained a well-armed suit of several thousand from the obtained funds. Boleslaus was an unusually systematic ruler unrelenting towards the remaining independent Bohemian dukes. For that reason and perhaps also owing to fratricide Boleslaus earned the adjective ´Cruel´. Moravia and Krakow area were annexed to the territory of the Czech state thanks to Boleslaus´ expansionist politics. The growing prosperity of Bohemia was ensured by a strong foreign trade (especially in slaves) which brought about the emergence of minted coin.


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