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Introduction » Middle Ages » Bretislaus I Denarius Moravia 1019-1034 fine silver replica coin


Bretislaus I Denarius Moravia 1019-1034 fine silver replica coin

fine silver | 20 mm | 1.5 g


Product no.: M10
Material: fine silver
Size: 20 mm
Weight: 1.5 g
12.00 EUR (14.17 USD)

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Full description

fine silver | 20 mm | 1.5 g

OBV: Diademed bust facing BRACIZNVS around.
R: Doubled cross in field + BRACISLAV around.

The silver Denarii of duke Bretislaus and his father Oldrich minted probably in Olomouc are considered to be the first Moravian medieval coins. Bretislav was an illegitimate son of duke Oldrich and his spouse Bozena (whom Oldrich later married). Probably in 1019 Oldrich appointed Bretislaus as administrator of Moravia recently reannexed to Bohemia. Marrying him off was somewhat complicated as an illegitimate offspring was an unattractive groom. Bretislaus finally resolved the situation on his own in 1021 as he kidnapped Judith (Guta €“ Jitka) the daughter of Bavarian duke Henry from the nunnery in Schweinfurt and married her in 1029.


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