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Introduction » After year 1500 » Ferdinand II Thaler Moravia Brno 1619-1637 fine silver replica coin


Ferdinand II Thaler Moravia Brno 1619-1637 fine silver replica coin

fine silver | 43 mm | 28 g


Product no.: P11
Material: fine silver
Size: 43 mm
Weight: 28 g
94.00 EUR (111.08 USD)

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fine silver | 43 mm | 28 g

From February 1622 almost all government mints including those in Moravia were leased to the mint consortium of the Prague banker Hanus de Witte. Among its members were Count Karl I of Lichtenstein Albrecht of Wallenstein and other high-ranking men of that period. Although the consortium performed minting activities for less than a year only it caused one of the biggest financial disasters in Moravia which impoverished a large part of the population.Francis Cardinal Dietrichstein Bishop of Olomouc made his house in Brno including six minting presses available to the consortium. This is the Dietrichstein Palace which today houses the Moravian Museum in Zelny trh.The Brno mint produced 150 75 24 and 15-kreuzers while the Olomouc mint 3-kreuzer coins only. At that time the Brno mint was managed by Filip Becker and Jiri Hassler but the coins minted here did not bear the mintmaster´s mark.The minting of these poor-quality the so-called long or kipper coins (with reduced silver content) was terminated due to state bankruptcy at the end of 1623 and the declaration of the ´Kalada Patent´ which decreased the nominal value of the coins by up to 90 %. Between 1623 and 1627 under mintmaster Krystof Wohnsieler the Brno mint produced a wide range of quality thaler and groschen coins. However in 1627 the mint was closed and its equipment transferred to a newly opened mint in the town of Mikulov.


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