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Introduction » After year 1500 » Ferdinand III Ducat Moravia Brno 1637-1657 fine gold replica coin


Ferdinand III Ducat Moravia Brno 1637-1657 fine gold replica coin

fine gold | 21 mm | 3.45 g


Product no.: P13G
Material: fine gold
Size: 21 mm
Weight: 3.45 g
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356.00 EUR (420.33 USD)

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fine gold | 21 mm | 3.45 g

Between 1623 and 1627 under mintmaster Krystof Wohnsieler the Brno mint produced a wide range of quality thaler and groschen coins. However in 1627 the mint was closed and its equipment transferred to a newly opened mint in the town of Mikulov.Coin minting in Brno was revived for a short time in 1646 under Jan Konrad Richthausen as the mintmaster. With his departure to Vienna in 1648 the mint production came to an end and all further attempts to revive it were unsuccessful. The last Brno mintmaster Richthausen (1604 Vienna - 1663 Banska Stiavnica Slovakia) was an interesting person in European alchemy. Highly educated he was also an excellent metallurgist and mining expert. After his short period as Brno mintmaster (1646-1648) he worked in Vienna Prague and Graz and then became the chief mintmaster of the Habsburg Monarchy. Unlike most other renowned alchemists he acquired a significant property and died a relatively wealthy man. As an alchemist he rose to fame thanks to the successful transmutation of a common metal into gold weighing 300 ducats (over 1 kg). The experiment took place in Prague Castle on 15 January 1648 in the presence of Emperor Ferdinand III. From this alchemic gold a medal was subsequently minted confirming the event.


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