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Introduction » Limited editions » Maria Theresia Greschl 1759 Limited Edition 2010 fine gold replica coin


Maria Theresia Greschl 1759 Limited Edition 2010 fine gold replica coin

fine gold | 18 mm | 1.75 g


Product no.: L3G
Material: fine gold
Size: 18 mm
Weight: 1.75 g
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194.00 EUR (229.05 USD)

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fine gold | 18 mm | 1.75 g

Maria Theresa introduced in 1759 a copper coin called a Greschl (a diminutive of German Groeschel = small Groschen) weighing 1.67 grams and with a diameter of 17.5 mm. It was an impractical coin given its size and it was therefore minted in a larger dimension of 23.2 from the following year onwards. Today the Greschl of 1759 is a great rarity among collectors as a result of the brief minting. The Greschl of Maria Theresa was struck for the last time in 1768 in the Prague mint and it is also the last coin depicting the symbols of Bohemia Moravia and Silesia instead of the monarch´s portrait.The copper Greschl was the first metal credit money minted in our territory. A coin is referred to as a credit coin if it is made of a metal of little value the value designated on it is officially set and the holder must believe it (Latin credere - trust). All coins now in circulation are credit coins.


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