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Introduction » Rome and Etruria » Nero Denarius Rome 54-68 AD tin replica coin


Nero Denarius Rome 54-68 AD tin replica coin

tin | 19 mm


Product no.: R9AT
Material: tin
Size: 19 mm
3.00 EUR (3.54 USD)

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Full description

tin | 19 mm

OBV: Laureated younger head of Nero NERO CAESAR.
R: Nero radiate and togate stg. facing holding Victory and laurel branch. AVGVSTVS GERMANICVS.

Possibly refers to Nero's victories in the Neronia if we interpret the reverse to be Nero as Apollo. Nero was an avid lover of arts and entertainment. Nero built a number of gymnasiums and theatres and had performers dress in Greek clothing. Enormous gladiatorial shows were held. Nero also established the quinquennial Neronia. The festival included games poetry and theatre. Historians indicate that there was a belief that theatre was for the lower-class and led to immorality and laziness. Others looked down upon Greek influence. Some questioned the large public expenditure on entertainment. In 64 Nero began singing in public at Neapolis in order to improve his popularity. He also sang at the second quinquennial Neronia in 65. It was said that Nero craved the attention but historians also write that Nero was encouraged to sing and perform in public by the Senate his inner circle and the people. Ancient historians strongly criticize his choice to perform calling it shameful.


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