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Introduction » Rome and Etruria » Nero Denarius Rome 54-68 AD tin replica coin


Nero Denarius Rome 54-68 AD tin replica coin

tin | 19 mm


Product no.: R9T
Material: tin
Size: 19 mm
3.00 EUR (3.54 USD)

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Full description

tin | 19 mm

OBV: Laureated head of Nero NERO CAESAR AVGVSTVS.
R: Jupiter sitting left IVPPITER CVSTOS.

This Denarius was possibly issued after Pisonian conspiracy to publicize Jupiter's role in safeguarding Nero. The Pisonian Conspiracy: In 65 Gaius Calpurnius Piso a Roman statesman organized a conspiracy against Nero with the help of Subrius Flavus a praetorian tribune and Sulpicius Asper a centurion. According to Tacitus many conspirators wished to 'rescue the State' from the emperor and restore the Republic. The freedman Milichus discovered the conspiracy and reported it to Nero's secretary Epaphroditus. As a result the conspiracy failed and its members were executed including Nero's former friend Lucanus the poet. Nero's previous advisor Seneca was ordered to commit suicide after admitting he discussed the plot with the conspirators.


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