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Introduction » Greece » Pyrrhos Tetradrachm Greece 295-272 BC tin replica coin


Pyrrhos Tetradrachm Greece 295-272 BC tin replica coin

tin | 30 mm


Product no.: G14T
Material: tin
Size: 30 mm
6.00 EUR (7.09 USD)

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Full description

tin | 30 mm

OBV: Head of Zeus Dodonaios l. wreathed by oak below SO.
R: BASILEOS PYRROY either side of Dione enthroned l. holding long scepter in ex. PS.

Pyrrhos was one of the greatest generals of antiquity. He spent much of his reign campaigning outside his kingdom. He achieved notable victories against the Romans in Italy and against the Carthaginians in Sicily though he was eventually worsted by the former. For brief period he also ruled in Macedonian kingdom.


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