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Introduction » Limited editions » Rudolf II Small Groschen Limited Edition 2010 fine gold replica coin


Rudolf II Small Groschen Limited Edition 2010 fine gold replica coin

fine gold | 17 mm | 3.45 g


Product no.: L2G
Material: fine gold
Size: 17 mm
Weight: 3.45 g
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536.00 EUR (632.85 USD)

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Full description

fine gold | 17 mm | 3.45 g

A small Bohemian silver coin struck from 1577 to 1619 during the reign of the Habsburg emperors Rudolf and his brother Matthias (1611 to 1619). It is the only (!) coin in circulation in Czech history with denomination in the Czech language: MALEY GROSS or MALEI GROSS (otherwise Latin and partly German were usually used). It is also interesting that the denomination of the coin literally means ´small big´. The word MALEY means small in Czech and the word GROSS means big in Latin.Apart from the common small Groschens gold samples and multiples were occasionally struck. These include a thick small Groschen silver clipped square planchets gold samples of various weights gold New Year´s coin with text collar ZVM NEVEN IAHR 1606 and gold clipped square planchets.


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