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Introduction » Greece » Sikyon Obol Greece 430-390 BC fine silver replica coin


Sikyon Obol Greece 430-390 BC fine silver replica coin

fine silver | 11 mm | 0.8 g


Product no.: G27
Material: fine silver
Size: 11 mm
Weight: 0.8 g
12.00 EUR (14.18 USD)

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fine silver | 11 mm | 0.8 g

OBV: Dove flying right.
R: Dove alighting right value mark O (=obol) below.

Sikyon, a town 11 miles northwest of Corinth in the northern Peloponnese, was for the arts in antiquity what Athens was for philosophy. Two of the greatest artists in Sculpture were born here, who influenced the art profoundly.Sikyon's importance is though far greater. It is little known (if at all) that the birth of tragedy was founded here as early as 7th century BC and that painting in its present form was developed and spread to the whole Hellas from this small place. Many great artists studied at her famous schools of painting and sculpture.Sikyon was the first settlement of Achaeans, therefore the most ancient city state of Greece. According to the old common belief it was here that Prometheus brought the fire to mankind.


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