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Introduction » Greece » Tarent Didrachm Greece 380-345 BC fine silver replica coin


Tarent Didrachm Greece 380-345 BC fine silver replica coin

fine silver | 20 mm | 8.6 g


Product no.: G35
Material: fine silver
Size: 20 mm
Weight: 8.6 g
31.00 EUR (36.60 USD)

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Full description

fine silver | 20 mm | 8.6 g

OBV: Naked boy seated on horse stg. l. which he crowns with his right hand PS retrograde below.
R: Taras seated l. on dolphin holding a pot PS and TARAS beneath.

Founded in the 8th Century BC Tarentum was Sparta's only colony. Endowed with a splendid harbor and rich hinterland Tarentum became the most important Greek city in Southern Italy during the 5th and 4th centuries. An ancient tradition tells how the Taras the founder of the first settlement on the site later to become known as Tarentum was miraculously saved from shipwreck by the intervention of his father Poseidon who sent a dolphin on whose back he was carried to shore.


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