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  • Which technology do you use for the manufacture of coins and jewellery?
    Coins, medals and tokens are struck from steel, iron and bronze coining dies. The motif is engraved into the die or hallmarked directly (by hand). Minting is carried out by hand or on a manually run screw-operated minting press. It is possible to view further details of manufacture on our two short videos on YouTube. Jewellery is usually cast by means of the lost wax method. Certain parts of certain pieces of coin-derived jewellery are struck in the same way as coins.

  • Which materials do you use?
    We work with gold of 999/1000 purity, silver of 999/1000 purity (coins) and 925/1000 purity (jewellery silver called “Sterling”), and with brass, pure copper, 5% tin bronze, pure tin (zero lead content), and aluminium.

  • The coin displayed on your website looks somewhat different to the coin I have received. Is that all right?
    Yes, that is all right. All our products are handcrafted and manufactured individually (with the exception of the issue of certain non-ferrous metals). In contrast to batch mintage, we deal with each coin/jewellery piece individually. Variations in shape, difference in the platinum surface colour and so on render each coin piece an original. The stipulated weight of the product is adhered to within a range of ± 3% (silver) and ± 1% (gold).

  • I would like to order the custom minting of a medal (coin…). How shall I proceed?
    A detailed guide through custom minting including sample prices is available here.

  • Who is the owner of the coining dies in cases of custom minting and is it possible for the customer to obtain these dies?
    Though minting dies are deposited with us, they are of course the property of the customer placing the minting order. Dies may be obtained by the customer together with the delivery of coins for a flat surcharge of USD 20. However, in such cases ANTIQUANOVA accepts no liability for their quality and lifetime for purposes of further minting of additional coins/medals.


  • Is it possible to use credit (bank) cards for payment in your shop and if so, which?
    Yes, we accept PayPal payments.

  • Do you also accept cheques?


  • How do you deliver products?
    Products are delivered by priority registered post and in the case of most EU countries also by way of an insured letter.

  • Is it possible to track deliveries online?
    Yes, of course!.

  • How long does the delivery of a product take?
    Europe - approximately 5-7 days from date of dispatch, North America - approximately 10-12 days from date of dispatch, Australia and the rest of the world - approximately two weeks.

  • The products I ordered two weeks ago have not yet arrived. What is the problem?
    Sometimes deliveries to certain localities at certain times of the year (for example New York at Christmas) may be delayed. Do not panic; just let us know. If “lost”, a delivery is located by means of a claim, submitted by us. Delivery delays occur in approximately 1% of cases. Since the year 2000, not a single one of our deliveries has been lost!

  • Which states do you and which do you not deliver to?
    We deliver to North America, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and to all EU member states, Switzerland, and other European countries, to certain Asian countries including Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong. We do not deliver to any of the African states, to high-risk countries, to Turkey, China and to certain Balkan states.


  • What product warranty to you provide?
    We provide an unlimited warranty for coin replicas. Jewellery carries a two-year warranty.

  • May I return goods and if so, for which reasons. Will I receive a reimbursement?
    Certainly. Please do so within 15 days of having received the goods. We will not ask you for your reasons. You will be reimbursed an amount equal to that of the price of the returned goods.

  • Is it possible to exchange one of five delivered coins (I am not satisfied with its shape)?
    Yes! Please let us know which of the items fails to meet your full satisfaction and then return it to our address. You will either be reimbursed the price of the goods or we will provide you with a replacement.


  • In what way is it possible to distinguish your replicas from historical coins?
    As far as material is concerned, tin is softer than silver and the difference is apparent. Such coins are hallmarked with the letter “C”. For distinction from historical coins the metal of which was always alloyed, we use pure silver (999/1000 purity) or gold (999/1000 purity) for coins or silver of 925/1000 purity for jewelry. The essential visible features are primarily the letters “S” or ”Σ” used by us as a mintmark.

  • What if someone tampers with your replica and sells it as an original?
    Then in all likelihood such a person will have committed a criminal offence punishable by the law of his/her country. We have no desire for the abuse of our replicas and therefore monitor closely the course of events on the collectors’ market as well as any attempts at faking. For this reason, we would like to warn those who intend to purchase from us with this dishonest intent of the simplicity of tracing their purchase with us.

  • I would like to purchase several of your replicas for my collection, however, without any markings. Is this possible?
    Unfortunately, this is not possible. Our coin markings have a certain protective function (see the paragraph above) and serve as our trademark. Furthermore, these period markings do not in any way clash with the design of the coin and do not disrupt the coined image.

  • Would you make me a coining die according to an original antique (medieval…) coin for my personal minting use only?
    In principle we do not do this. We have to take into account the circumstances, the client and so on. We always consider the likelihood of die abuse and the die is always signed.


  • Are the personal details of your clients protected in any way?
    We value our customers and are glad to have gained their trust and to have them return to purchase with us repeatedly. For this reason we do not publish customer details or disclose these to third persons. At the same time, we abide by international regulations and the Czech Act on the Protection of Personal Data.

  • Is there a risk of the abuse of your customers’ credit card details?
    Antiquanova has no such information at its disposal. Payment is carried out via the renowned “merchant account service” with its registered seat in the USA (PayPal) There is therefore no risk of the abuse of sensitive information.


  • What about your liability for the use/abuse of your products by customers or other persons?
    Antiquanova medal workshop products are intended for use as collector items, promotion or gift items. They are duly marked replicas of historical objects, of objects inspired by them and small art objects. Antiquanova, its owner Pavel Neumann, employees, and other associates bear no legal or moral liability for any use or abuse of their products by customers, dealers or any other persons.


  • Who is the copyright owner of the pictures and texts published on your website?
    Pavel Neumann is the exclusive copyright owner of product descriptions and pictures.

  • May I use a citation or a picture from your website for my own purposes?
    We kindly ask you to consult in advance your intentions to use passages or pictures from the Antiquanova website, whatever the purpose. If you do not receive written consent (from Pavel Neumann) to use these texts and images (photographs), which are subject to copyright protection, it is understood that such approval has been denied. At the same time it is not permitted to modify these images in any way for subsequent personal use.

  • I would like to add a link to your pages to my own website. May I quote in this connection the wording of your website or use any of the pictures?
    We ask you to consult links to our website with us in advance.


  • What is your postal address?
    Pavel Neumann
    Terezin 14
    69600 Terezin
    Czech Republic

  • Is it possible to visit your workshop to observe manufacture?
    I am afraid not - we do not offer this service

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