fine gold | 10 mm | 1.35 g OBV: Eagle w. closed wings stg. left on rock with two pellets attacking serpent. AKRA above. R: Crab beneath SILA NIOS. Akragas was founded from nearby Gela in 582 BC in fertile territory on the southwestern coast of Sicily. It soon eclipsed the mother city in wealth and splendor and ranked second only to Syracuse among Sicilian cities. The Zenith of its power was reached in the reign of the tyrant Theron 488-472 BC. Theron was an aggressive general who along with Gelon of Syracuse won a decisive victory over the Carthaginians in 480 BC. Under his patronage Akragas became one of the most beautiful and renowned of Greek cities of the period. Upon his death in 472 BC a democracy was established and an extended period of unrivalled prosperity began which ended only the Cartaginian invasion of 406 BC.

Akragas Diobol Greece 413-406 BC fine gold replica coin

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