Fine silver Size:15 mm | 4 g

Custom made silver Athenian Drachma coin pendant OBVERSE: Head of Athena r. wearing crested helmet with olive-leaves and floral scroll. REVERSE: Owl standing right hd. facing, ATHE, olive-twig and crescent, all within incuse square. Owls are traditionally associated with wisdom and with the goddess Athena although crows rooks and many other common birds are more intelligent. The Ancient Egyptians made a representation of an owl into their hieroglyph for 'm' although they would often draw this hieroglyph with its legs broken to keep the bird of prey from coming to life and attacking. silver 999/1000 (coin), sterling silver 925/1000 (bail).

Delivery time: please allow some 30 das for delivery as I make this pendant as custom piece.

Note: each pendant is an original in weight and shape, so it can be slightly different from pictures published here.

Athena / Owl drachm coin fine silver pendant custom made

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