fine silver | 20 mm | 2 g The small silver coin (Hemidrachm) depicts a stylised laurel wreath on the obverse (remainder of a laureated human head) and a horse with various symbolic signs typical of the Celtic world. Celts began to mint the first coins in today´s Bohemia and Moravia in the 2nd century BC initially on the model of Greek coins. With different levels of stylisation they imitated primarily the silver and gold coinage of the Macedonian rulers Philip II of Macedon and Alexander the Great and later also the coins of the Roman Republic. The motifs of a rider horse and human head were popular and relatively frequent on Celtic coins. The finds of ceramic plates for the preparation of bullions and the quantity of the very coins suggest extensive coin-related activity by the Celts in Bohemian territory. Celtic mintage is a unique and isolated phenomenon in our minting. Coins were not minted for over 900 years in the territory of the Czech lands after this relatively brief episode.

Celtic Hemidrachm Central Europe 1st century BC fine silver replica coin

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