fine silver | 14 mm | 0.8 g At the end of his rule Bretislaus I Duke of Bohemia divided Moravia into two appanage duchies - Brno and Olomouc. The Duchy of Brno comprised the region formed by the catchment areas of the rivers Svratka and Dyje. After Bretislaus´ death the duchy was ruled jointly by his two sons Conrad I and Otto I (1055-1061). They resided in a castle in Brno which at that time was an important administrative and market place and also included a mint established around 1050. The exact location of both the castle and mint has still not been determined.However it is known for certain that the only joint coinage of the brothers was the earliest Brno denarius. Both the obverse and reverse sides bear their busts and names.

Conrad I and Otto I Denarius Moravia Brno 1055-1061 fine silver replica coin

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