fine silver | 16 mm | 0.8 g Conrad I of Brno (died 6 September 1092) was the duke of Bohemia for eight months in 1092. He was the brother and successor of Vratislaus II (died 14 January 1092). He was the third son of Bretislaus I and Judith of Schweinfurt. He did not succeed as king because his brother had only been lifted to the royal dignity ad personam by the Emperor Henry IV and that title was therefore not hereditary. Before he became duke of Bohemia he had long ruled over Moravia as junior sons typically did as duke of Brno and Znojmo (since 1054). Intensive minting in Brno region started only during the independent rule of Conrad I (1061-1092). Several types of his denarii are known although there were many fewer of them than of those minted in the Olomouc mint. Brno coins are of a simpler and rougher design than the Olomouc denarii and their characteristic feature is a very dense and regular edge milling. Very often they bear the name of St. Peter as the chief saint and patron of the country.

Conrad I Denarius Moravia Brno 1061-1092 fine silver replica coin

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