fine silver | 18 mm | 0.8 g Among coins of special interest is the denarius of Conrad I (1061-1092) minted on both bigger and smaller planchets. Its reverse side bears an image of a cross with turrets and Conrad´s name in the inscription. Its obverse side bears an image of an enclosed ecclesiastical structure (perhaps a church) and St. Peter´s name in the inscription. However most of these denarii have a mutilated inscription and only some are distinct. This is an exceptional denarius type regarding iconography because it is not clear whether it bears an image of a particular structure or of a certain symbolic meaning only. Although older numismatic literature refers to the connection or even identity of the coin image with St. Peter´s Church in Brno present numismatic experts mostly refute this idea. The aim of the early-mediaeval art was to express concepts and ideas not to record reality.At the end of his rule Conrad I divided the duchy between his two sons. Oldrich (1092-1113) gained the region around Brno while the younger Litold (1092-1099 1100-1112) was granted a southern part of the region which became the Duchy of Znojmo. Oldrich continued minting in Brno although probably with much lower intensity given that his coins are relatively rare.

Conrad I Denarius Moravia Brno 1061-1092 fine silver replica coin

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