fine silver | 29 mm | 3.5 g An important and beautifully stylised Bohemian coin from the period of the estates´ revolt introduced by the new coinage order of Bohemian estates in 1619. The aforementioned document abolished some low-value coins and replaced them with the Kreuzer. Silver Kreuzer coins and their multiples (1 - 3 - 12 - 24) were struck in the Prague Kutna Hora and Joachimsthal mints. Thalers and gold coins were not minted.The Czech estates´ coins bear in Latin type MONETA REGNI BOHEMIAE (Coin of the Kingdom of Bohemia) on the obverse and IN DEO FORTITVDO (There is Strength in God) on the reverse of the coin. The minting of the Bohemian estates was discontinued after defeat in the battle of White Mountain through an ordinance by Ferdinand II of December 15 1620 and the coins were withdrawn from circulation.

Czech evangelical Estates 12 Kreuzer Bohemia 1619 fine silver replica coin

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