fine silver | 21 mm | 1.5 g A very rare Denarius of Duchess Emma wife of Duke Boleslaus II. Emma is indicated with her royal title on the coin. Emma is a very enigmatic figure in early Czech history since there is very little reliable information about her life. All that has been preserved are several mentions in Cosmas´ Chronicle the opening dedication sheet of the exquisitely illustrated Gumpold manuscript of the St. Wenceslas legend in the WolfenbÄ‚Ä˝ttel Codex and in particular silver Denarii of the so-called Ethelred type with types reading ENMA REGINA and MELNIC CIVITAS. Not only do these coin texts mention Melnik as the location of minting but they also stress Emma´s royal title in spite of the fact that her husband was a ´mere´ Czech duke.

Emma Regina Denarius Bohemia +1006 fine silver replica coin

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