fine gold | 19 mm | 8.6 g Weight of Greek Stater. Designed and engraved by Petr Sousek. Limited edition (only 48 pieces are hand - hammered)! Coinage on the occasion of introducing a unified European currency and accession of the Czech Republic to the European Union. One by one a total of 48 gold pieces are manually struck having the weight of the Stater. The motif on the obverse is based on the mythical abducting of Europa by Zeus incarnated as a bull. The type contains the names EUROPA - ZEUS. The reverse depicts the plan of the legendary labyrinth in the Cretan Knossos traditionally connected with the cult of the bull. In the center of the labyrinth is the marking of the coin´s nominal (DMS = 244). Around the labyrinth we read the type LABYRINTOS and in the exergue the initials of the engraver PS.

Europa commemorative Stater medallion fine gold

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