fine silver | 19 mm | 7.2 g OBV: CHAZI HASCHEKEL (Half Shekel) dated to year 2 over the calyx. R: JERUSCHALEM HAK´DOSCHA (Jerusalem sacred) three pomegranates in field. Coins issued by the Jews during the first uprising are an expression of their liberation from Rome as they were struck both from bronze and from silver which the privilege of the emperor. The coins are largely dated from year 1 to year 5 which corresponds with the duration of the uprising. The coins contain various inscriptions mostly in old Hebrew the purpose of which was to encourage the Jews in their fight for freedom: ´For the freedom of Sion´ ´For the redemption of Sion´ or ´Jerusalem Sacred´. The symbols used on the coins are of a purely Jewish background. They are the lulav (bouquet consisting of myrtle palm branches and willow twigs) etrog (fruit of the hodor tree) chalice amphora three pomegranates vine leaf and palm tree. Some of the bronze coins may have been minted outside Jerusalem as one of the leaders of the uprising Simon ben Giora in the second year of the upraising reclaimed the territories in south Judea and Idumea.

First revolt HalfShekel Judea 66-70 AD fine silver replica coin

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