fine gold | 21 mm | 3.45 g OBV + FLOR | ENTIA, Florentine lily. R  • S • IOHA | NNES • B •, St. John standing facing, right hand raised, a scepter in his left. The 1st of the Italian gold coins introduced in the late middle ages. Preceded the Genoa Genovino in the same year, 1252 and the Venetian Ducat by 32 years. The Fiorino d’oro (Florin) was widely accepted throughout Europe and thus became the origination design of many European gold coins. The Florin became the most imitated coin throughout Europe; imitated by minting authorities from Spain through France, the Netherlands and Germany to Hungary, and this design type became one of the most popular trading coins throughout Europe.

Florence Fiorino d'oro (Florin) 1252-1300 fine gold replica coin

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