fine silver | 42 mm | 28 g The minting activities of the Olomouc bishops commenced as early as the mid-12th century at the time of Bishop Jindrich Zdik (1126-1150). His privilege to mint their own coins in Podivin Castle was referred to several centuries later by Francis Cardinal Dietrichstein (1599-1636). In 1608 he successfully appealed to Emperor Rudolf II to renew the minting privilege of Olomouc bishops. Subsequently an Episcopal mint was established in Kromeriz. In 1624 one year after the de Witte consortium terminated its activities in the Dietrichstein Palace the Cardinal invoked his right to mint coins in Brno. He minted only large silver coins - thalers. Hence there was only a single Episcopal coin bearing the Brno mint mark (letter ´B´ in an oval situated in the inscription on the obverse) - the thaler of Francis Cardinal Dietrichstein from 1624. From the mid-17th to mid-18th centuries these Olomouc coins were the only Moravian coinage. However they were minted not in Brno but in Kromeriz.

Francis Cardinal Dietrichstein Thaler Moravia Brno 1599-1636 fine silver replica

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