fine gold | 21 mm | 3.45 g OBV: Margrave standing facing holding standard. A R in field. R: + MARCHIO : ET : DOMIN : MORAVIE Moravian blazon in field. It is very likely that there exist only two pieces of the disputable and unique Ducat of margrave of Moravia Jobst. Disputes are still ongoing as to whether they are genuine coins or 19th century forgeries. However the obverse of the coin carries a very trustworthy depiction of the margrave in purely Gothic style. Jobst reinstated the Brno mint and minted his own coins throughout his reign including the limited issue of this Ducat.Jobst (Latin IODOCUS) of Luxembourg Moravian margrave from the Luxembourg dynasty Elector of Brandenburg Roman king the first-born son of margrave John Henry the younger brother of Charles IV and Margaret of Opava. Jobst was a very able and skilled politician who ambitiously coveted more power and wealth and did not hesitate to change parties and opinions in the interest of his own goals. Together with his brothers he strongly interfered with affairs of the Czech kingdom under the rule of their cousin Wenceslas IV. Jobst opposed the latter as candidate in the election of king of the Holy Roman Empire in 1410. The election was taking place in a situation where the earlier elected crowned and in 1400 dethroned Roman king Wenceslas IV was still alive. The electors elected Sigismund as Roman king in September 1410. However as he failed to receive the required number of votes the election was repeated on October 1 and the electors voted for Jobst. But the latter enjoyed the title of Roman king briefly from October 1 1410 to January 18 1411 as he died at Spilberk castle in Brno.

Iobst of Luxembourg Ducat Moravia Brno 1375-1411 fine gold replica coin

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