fine silver | 22 mm | 4.3 g OBV: DN CONST C CON(ST) Facing busts of Constans and Constantine. R: Cross on globe above three steps. No legend. Extremely rare coins! Constans Heraclius known in English as Constans II (November 7 630-September 15 668) was Byzantine emperor from 641 to 668. He was the son of Constantine III and due to the rumours that Heraclonas and Martina had poisoned Constantine III he was named co-emperor in 641. Constantine IV (649-685) was Byzantine emperor from 668-685. He had been named a co-emperor with his father Constans II in 654 and became emperor when Constans was assassinated in 668.

Konstans II. and Konstantin IV. Milliarense Byzantine 641-668 AD fine silver rep

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