fine silver | 27 mm | 2.5 g The spread of the Prague Groschen culminated under Ladislaus Jagiellon. A vast quantity of silver coins were minted during the almost fifty years of his reign not only Groschens but also their parts. The weight of Ladislau´s Groschen ranged between 2.3 and 3 grams and the content of silver in the coin was about one half of its weight. Ladislaus Jagiellon tends to be rated as one of the weakest Czech monarchs as his reign resulted in a major decline in royal power. However he achieved a major success in dynastic politics as he was elected and crowned Hungarian king in spite of the intentions of the Krakow court ruled by his father Casimir IV Jagiellon. His mother was Elisabeth of Austria sister of Ladislaus the Posthumous.

Ladislaus Jagiellon Prague Groschen Bohemia 1471-1516 fine silver replica coin

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