fine silver | 27 mm | 2.5 g Louis Jagiellon minted Prague Groschen in a very limited quantity in the Kutna Hora mint from 1523 to 1524. The Prague Groschen were also minted in the Schlick mint in Joachimsthal sometime between the years 1520 and 1526. They differ from the Kutna Hora Groschens by the Schlick family tablet in the reverse type and are very rare coins. In fact the Prague Groschens minted in Joachimsthal by the Schlick consortium together with the famous Thalers are not governmental (royal) coins in spite of the fact that they are identical with the Kutna Hora Groschens both in their design and formal characteristics. The Schlick family minted them on their own account using their own silver on the basis of a permit from the provincial assembly indicating that the parameters and appearance of the Groschen must correspond to the royal coin literally that they may: ´‚¬¦ beat Groschens in Joachimsthal to the same standard as they do in Hory Kutne with the same character and text and a minor alteration inasmuch as their coat of arms is concerned.

Louis Jagiellon Prague Groschen Bohemia 1516-1526 fine silver replica coin

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