fine silver | 28 mm | 17.2 g OBV: Diad. hd. of Alexander the Great wearing horn of Ammon. R: Athena enthroned l. holding Nike and resting l. hand on shield. On r. BASILEOS on l. LYSIMACHOY. Far left monogram F. below Nike crowned female hd. r. Lysimachos was a companion of Alexander the Great serving as one of his bodyguards. After Alexander's death in 323 BC Lysimachos received control of Thrace and northwest Asia Minor. With the aid of Seleukos he defeated Antigonos the One-Eyed at Ipsos thereby adding northern and central Asia Minor to his kingdom. Sixteen years later in 285 BC he wrested control of Macedon and Thessaly from Demetrios and by so doing he became the strongest of Alexander's successors. Lysimachos was less successful at home. He was unpopular with his subjects because of his high handed administration and heavy taxation and was distracted by family quarrels. In 281 BC Lysimachos died in battle at the age of 89 fighting an army of his former ally Seleukos. His kingdom did not survive his death.

Lysimachos Tetradrachm Greece 297-281 BC fine silver replica coin

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