fine silver | 19 mm | 3 g A Denarius of emperor M. Aurelius from 176-177 AD relating to the victories of the Romans over the Germanic tribes of the Marcomanni the Quadi and the Sarmatian Iazyges. The reverse depicts the arms of defeated enemies. Roman legions reached as far as our territory in the so-called Marcomannic wars. Setting off from the town of Carnuntum on the Danube river the Romans moved along the Moravia and Dyje rivers to South Moravia where the Hradisko - Burgstall Roman military camp near Musov became an important base for their military operations. The Denarius was a silver coin weighing less than 4 grams. It had been minted as early as during the Roman Republic and gradually became the main silver coin of the Roman state. The Denarius originally contained a high ratio of silver but its weight and quality were gradually declining. By the 3rd century AD it was essentially a copper coin sometimes silver-plated.

Marcus Aurelius Denarius Rome 161-180 AD fine silver replica coin

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