fine silver | 30 mm | 17.2 g OBV: Dionysos reclining l. on back of ass stg. r. holding kantharos in r. hand. R: MENDEION around linear square within which vine with four bunches of grapes all within incuse square. The Chalcidian city of Mende was celebrated for its wines, which were reputed to have medicinal value. Its coin types seem designed to support this important export trade. The god Dionysus is explicitly associated with wine and drunkeness, though his cult had other ramifications, especially in the north. His two animal companions had preceded him as coin types at Mende, representing him in absentia. The mule was the mount of Dionysus' woodland follower the silenus, though the role of the crow is obscure. The theme of wine production is restated by the reverse type, a grape vine loaded with fruit.

Mende Tetradrachm Greece 465-424 BC fine silver replica coin

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