fine silver | 27 mm | 3.5 g During the uprising of the Estates two Estate mints were established in Moravia in 1619 - in Brno and Olomouc. Hanue Pecz the provincial mintmaster transferred confiscated equipment of the Episcopal mint in Kromeriz to Olomouc.The Brno mint began operations either in an old mint house on the corner of Mecova Street or perhaps in the Dietrichstein Palace which had fallen to the Estates. Only small coins 12 and 3-kreuzer were minted here.The Olomouc mint was established in a former Jesuit College and its first mintmaster was Krystof Cantor replaced by Baltazar Zwirner in 1620. The coin of the highest denomination minted here was the 25-ducat although only as an occasional production. Further silver thalers and 48 24 12 and 3-kreuzers were minted here.The Estate thaler one of the most beautiful coins of its kind bears an image of the Moravian eagle on the obverse with the inscription MONETA NOVA MARCHIO MORAVIAE (New Coin of Moravian Margraviate). Its reverse bears an image of a pyramid wrapped with grapevine and the word VNIO and inscription TE STANTE VIREBO (If you stand with me I shall be strong) expressing unity.After the Estates were defeated the Estate coin remained in circulation until 1621; Moravian mints in Brno and Olomouc then started minting imperial coins.

Moravian evangelical Estates 12 Kreuzer Moravia Brno 1620-1621 fine silver repli

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