fine gold | 40 mm | 17.2 g The artistic design places this very rare Thaler from the Olomouc mint among the most beautiful works of European coin art of the 17th century. Apart from silver coins the 10-Ducat 5-Ducat and the unique 25-Ducat coins were minted using the same coin dies.A trihedron with a twisting grape vine and the Moravian eagle with the type UNIO TE STANTE VIREBO (You Will Stand Strong With Me) are depicted on the coins of the Moravian estates.The minting of the Moravian estates was discontinued after defeat in the battle of White Mountain through an ordinance by Ferdinand II of December 15 1620 and the coins were withdrawn from circulation.

Moravian evangelical Estates 5 Ducat Moravia Olomouc 1620-1621 fine gold replica

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