fine silver | 14 mm | 0.5 g At the time of the Hussite wars the so-called counter-marking of Prague groschen was carried out in Brno and Jihlava as an act of an economic commercial as well as monetary sovereignty. Coins were verified and if found to be of a satisfactory quality were provided with a mark indicating their suitability for use in a particular region. The Brno counter-mark bore an image of an eagle with a pectoral shield with bars while the Jihlava counter-mark bore an image of a walking hedgehog. During the reign of Albert of Habsburg Moravian margrave from 1423 to 1439 the margrave mint in Brno produced square coins with a plain eagle. Besides this mint a municipal one operated in Brno which minted square coins with an eagle and letters. At this time there were two further municipal mints operating; one in Jihlava producing square coins with an eagle and letter ´I´ in its pectoral shield and the other in Olomouc minting square coins with an eagle and circles.The development of minting in Brno Jihlava and Znojmo municipal mints in the 2nd half of the 15th century is characterised by round coins - pennies and hellers. Round coins minted in Brno bear an image of a chequered eagle those minted in Znojmo and Jihlava bear a plain eagle with a pectoral shield with letter ´Z´ and ´I´ respectively. Much less common are the round coins bearing an image of an eagle with a pectoral shield and the letter ´g´ which were minted by King George of Podebrady (1458-1471) most probably in the Znojmo mint. After 1490 when the Czech lands were united under the rule of King Vladislas II Jagiellon (1471-1516) town minting privileges were gradually abolished. This meant the end of minting Moravian municipal coins and saw the demise of minting itself in mediaeval Moravia.

Municipal coin Round coin single-sided Moravia Brno 2nd half of 15th cent. fine

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