fine silver | 40 mm | 28 g During the reign of Rudolf II prominent artists of the emperor´s Prague court especially A. Abondio contributed to the high artistic quality of coins and medals. No important changes in the area of coin quality occurred during Rudolf´s reign. Only the small Groschen the only one bearing a value designation in the Czech language was added to the existing coins.Support for science and art was the emperor´s passion. Many artists alchemists astronomers and astrologers stayed at Rudolf´s court including the Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe and the German Johannes Kepler. Rudolf regarded himself more as a scholar and artist than a ruler. His buyers travelled the whole of Europe buying all the major works of art of the time. Unfortunately the theft of Rudolf´s collections began immediately after the emperor´s death. The members of the Habsburg family divided one part among themselves and another part was carried to Sweden as war booty in 1648.

Rudolf II Thaler Bohemia 1576-1611 fine silver replica coin

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