fine silver | 21 mm | 1.6 g OBV: Blessing hand in an astragal unclear type. R: A dot an arrow three dots and a circle in a field divided by a cross in an astragal. ADALBIZCO ? Saint Vojtech who is better known abroad under his confirmation name of Adalbert was the second Bishop of Prague. He descended from the Slavnik dynasty. He objected to some phenomena in contemporary society that were incompatible with the church´s teachings especially slave trade priestly marriage and widespread alcoholism. In addition he has merit in the development of domestic Latin literature but he also respected the cultural tradition of Old Church Slavonic. His activities were complicated by the crisis of the Czech state which was apparent among other things in the growing disputes between the Premyslids and the Slavniks.

Sc. Adalbertus Denarius Bohemia 957-997 fine silver replica coin

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