fine silver | 21 mm | 1.5 g The motif on this very rare Denarius of a pelican piercing its breast in order to feed its hatchlings is a symbol and parallel of self-sacrifice and Christ´s bloodshed for humanity.Sobeslav assumed administration or reign over the Slavniks´ dominion after the death of his father Slavnik in 981. The settlement of Libice flourished during his reign. A duke´s palace and church of St. John the Baptist were built in Ottonian style and coins were minted in Libice and Malin. Sobeslav is titled ´dux´ i.e. duke on some coins. He is depicted with a crown on his head on another type of coin. The crown is very similar to the imperial crown of Otto II and Otto III. Sobeslav the brother of Saint Adalbert and head of the Slavnik dynasty survived the massacre of the family in 995 thanks to participation in a military campaign outside Bohemia. He then found asylum in Poland at the court of Boleslaw I the Brave. He is thought to have died in 1004 during the siege of Prague.

Sobeslaus Slavnik Denarius Bohemia 981-995 fine silver replica coin

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