fine silver | 30 mm | 13.5 g OBV: Two Templar knights with shields sitting on horse. + 1998 . CASTELLVM . TEMPLSTEIN . 1298 REV: Coat of arms of the Order. DOMUVS DE JAMOLICE below. + MIL . TEMPL . ORDO . EQ . J. CH . DE . TEMPLI . SAL. Templstejn - the ruins in Jamolice (Moravia, Czech Republic) from the center of the village located about 3 km. Located on a rocky promontory above the right bank of the Jihlava River. It is one of the few castles in Moravia founded the Order of the Knights Templar. There are remains of the palace of the plastic walls, gate and well. Before the area of the castle on the hill is also a ruin gable, founded later. The courtyard is covered with a layer of several meters of rubble. No extensive archaeological survey was not carried out here. History of the castle Commandery of the Knights Templar in nearby states already Jamolice 1279. Templetejn Castle was founded between the years 1281-1298. It was originally a castle measuring 40 and 30 meters. This core however, began to expand over time. The expansion was not until the later owners since 1312 Templar Order was canceled and his property confiscated. The castle was bought Bertold Pirkner and 1349 by his sons sold Pribik Selmberk. In 1379 it was owned by the Lords of Lipa, who expanded the castle andrebuilt. In 1482 the castle became the center of Lords Osovsky from Doubravice. Later, the Lords of Lipa get the castle back. Last Pertold owner of Lipa participated in the years 1618-1620 Estates uprising, so their property was confiscated. At that time, the castle was abandoned. It is reported that ceased to exist before the mid-16th century due to fire. By 2011, the area was not maintained and was consumed by vegetation. Forests of the Czech Republic, which owned the ruins, they was offered in 2011 in a public tender for sale. They sold it for 1.2 million CZK to Mr.David Hamza a structural engineer focused on building construction. Want to have a structural adjustment plans in collaboration with conservationists to preserve the ruins of using natural materials and historical practices. Only intends to build a small wooden cabin on the edge of the ruins and build a wooden bridge connecting the walls of the palace. There are works alone, but does not exclude that creates around him a group of enthusiasts. (Google translation)

Templar castle Templstein medallion fine silver

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