fine silver | 28 mm | 17.2 g OBV: Janiform heads of Zeus and Hera. R: TENEDION above double-axe bunch of grapes monogram and small human figure either side of shaft. The Troas is an ancient region in the northwestern part of Anatolia bounded by the Hellespont to the northwest the Aegean Sea to the west and separated from the rest of Anatolia by the massif that forms Mount Ida. It is drained by two rivers the Scamander (modern Karamenderes) and the Simois which join at the area containing the ruins of Troy. Grenikos Kebren Simoeis Rhesos Rhodios Heptaporos and Aisepos were seven rivers of the Troad and the names of the river gods that inhabited each river.

Tenedos Tetradrachm Greece 2nd century BC fine silver replica coin

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