fine silver | 33 mm | 14 g The Joachimsthal Thalers and their parts (minted since 1519) were not only the first large or ´gross´ Czech coins but they were also the first in the Czech lands to bear the year of minting. Instead of by the Czech monarch although the latter was named in the type the coin was issued by the noble family of Schlick. In this manner the Schlick counts attempted to add value to the silver mined in their dominions. Stepan Schlick issued mining rules in 1518 on the model of the nearby Annaberg in Saxony in order to prevent uncontrolled mining. Thus he introduced order into ore mining. In 1520 thanks to the involvement and corruptibility of the provincial officials the Schlick counts finally obtained official authorisation to mint their own coins. They had in fact minted coins illegally before the aforementioned date. The new Schlick coins were being prepared for export from the very beginning. In metrology terms they were based on an older Saxon coin called Guldengroshen. The coin was called Joachimsthaler Guldengrosch from the place of origin. The name was over time corrupted to Joachimsthalergrosch - jochmtalsky groe - tolsky groe until it was finally called thaler or in Czech tolar. The Schlick mint supplied millions of Thalers to the international market in the 1520s and Thaler became a general term for a large silver coin. Thalers from the Schlicks´ mint suffered from their exceptional quality and high silver content. Millions of coins were melted down and used in the nobility´s mints in Germany for making small poor quality currency. These Thalers are therefore relatively rare today.

The Schlick counts Half Thaler Bohemia 1520 fine silver replica coin

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