fine silver | 27 mm | 3.9 g The Prague Groschen is a famous Bohemian silver coin first struck in Kutna Hora in 1300 by king Wenceslas II based on a coinage reform with the involvement of Italian financiers. It is possible according to some experts that it was originally minted in Prague (hence its name) but the minting was soon transferred to Kutna Hora. The coin bears a depiction of the Czech royal crown and the monarch´s name on the obverse and the Czech lion on the reverse which remained unchanged for the almost two hundred and fifty years of its minting. The type reads GROSSI PRAGENSES (for some unclear reason in plural). As opposed to the preceding Denarii and Bracteates which were relatively lightweight (approx. 1g) the new coin was heavier (originally about 3.8g). It was accordingly referred to as ´denarius grossus´ = heavy Denarius which gave rise to the name GROSS  (Groschen). About half a billion Prague Groschens were minted in Kutna Hora itself during the almost quarter of a millennium of minting.

Wenceslas II Prague Groschen Bohemia 1278-1305 fine silver replica coin

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