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Others make money - We make Coins - Antiquanova mint

Our coin shop includes original hand minted coins for sale of museum-quality reproductions of rare and choicest medieval coins, Ancient Greek coins, Biblical coins, Celtic coins and Roman coins using historical minting procedures.

ANTIQUANOVA mint is a metal workshop specializing in replicas of rare coins. Since 2000 those who buy coins from ANTIQUANOVA include coin collectors, art historians, educators and museum shops from all over the world.

Our coin replicas are minted from handmade dies for a uniquely beautiful and accurately detailed finish in comparison to their ancient originals.

We achieve this quality by using historical minting procedures. We produce precise in style, manually struck replicas of historic coins from common metals (aluminium, brass, copper, tin), silver and gold.

We are dedicated to cultivating and maintaining the universal appreciation of artistic beauty in classical coinage. The purpose of our work is to make the art of the ancients available to the collector, numismatists and amateur history enthusiasts of all levels and means.

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